BACP Registered Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

A little bit about me

My previous career was in Business and Marketing, but the aspect I was always interested in was the human side. Customer behaviour, people management, employee wellbeing… what makes people tick? What gives us joy and pain? What are our longings? What makes us individual and what makes us the same?

It was these questions plus my own personal experiences and a gut feeling that this was the path I should take, that lead me to becoming a therapist. I trained for 3 years at Re-Vision, to gain a diploma in Integrative Transpersonal Counselling which is a BACP accredited course and a gold standard in psychotherapeutic counselling.

How I work

ITC is a very relational type of therapy, using many different perspectives to look at many client issues, from the psychological to the spiritual. I look at symptoms and behaviour, past history and traumas as well as current stress factors. I explore the conscious thoughts but also what might be happening unconsciously through the mediums of imagery and dreams, discomfort in the body and reflections. Whatever a client is comfortable with exploring across their mind, body and soul.

Mostly I work with an open ended contract where the client leaves whenever they decide they are ready, but I can also work to an agreed time limit.

I hold sessions face to face in Tunbridge Wells at The Spring Rooms or remotely on Zoom/Skype.

As a Registered Member of the BACP, I am bound by their Code of Practice which includes complete client confidentiality.

If you’d like more information please do contact me by clicking the button below or emailing me

Whoever you are, whatever your background, wherever you’re from, you are welcome here.